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HANN Media was born to give lead to and to change the Turkish movie sector with its strong team and its innovative spirit. HANN Media, which has succeeded to make its mark with the projects that were accomplished, has gathered attention not only in Turkey, but in many different countries of the world.

HANN Media, which has produced documentaries that opened the pages of the history, such as "Hi Jolly", "Nuri Paşa: Namlunun Ucunda Bir Hayat" and the movie named "Hürkuş: Göklerdeki Kahraman" which will be shown in theaters on May 25th, is getting ready for the new season with the movie “the Hug”, which tells the story of miracle dog Kuyu, the story that made Turkey believe in the power of hope and goodness.


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Babamın Ceketi

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Hürkuş: Göklerdeki Kahraman

The most important name in the Turkish aviation history; a unique engineer whose mind is always full of endless inventions; the first plane designer and manufacturer of Turkey; the life of Vecihi Hürkuş is on the cinema for the first time… This life story, which was dedicated to the love of flying in the year of 1912, when Vecihi was 16 years old, is moving forward with the story of Mehmet and Selin in the present, who are on the track of Vecihi and their dreams of designing planes. The movie, in which the heroic stories and struggles of Vecihi Hürkuş until the War of Indepence are being told with powerful visual effects is also gathering attention in Turkey as the movie that shows the air combats the longest.

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Hi Jolly

Hacı Ali is a legend, who has landed on America when he was just a 22-year old Ottoman soldier in the year of 1857 and who has become notorious with his magical influence on animals… The leader of the camel battalion that was founded within the American army in order to get through the challenging climate conditions in the South… A universal value, who has served the government of United States of America for 30 years, who was called “Hi Jolly”, which means debonair, joyous person, since the Americans couldn’t pronounce his name and whose memory made people write songs and hold festival for his name after his death… The filming of the documentary was started in Arizona with a crew of 10 people for 15 days to protect and keep this value alive and completed in Cappadocia. Unknown facts about Hacı Ali was told by Norman Simpson, the Mayor of Arizona Quartzsite, Prof. Daniel Lynch, an American history war expert, and retired colonels, local people and miners.


Nuri Paşa: Namlunun Ucunda Bir Hayat

Nuri Pasha was manufacturing weapons and ammunition for the soldiers on the fronts of the Turkish War of Independence. He was awarded with a War of Independence Medal due to his success. He has opened his first armory in Zeytinburnu in early 1930s and the second one in Sütlüce. He has started to manufacture various weapons; bullets, guns, grenades, howitzers and blockbusters for the Turkish Army. While he was about to close the factory in Sütlüce, Palestine orders some weapons. He was threatened by outside powers to halt the weapon production. These powers that have understood that they cannot make Nuri Pasha give up, finally blew up his factory. Nuri Pasha passes away while trying to save his workers who were trapped inside the factory.



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